Thursday, January 7, 2016

A New Year!!!

Well here I sit on a Thursday on the 6th of January 2016!  After the end of last year its kind of nice to just have a quite evening at home. Well ok lets go back to why I am good with this.....

Ok on a Thursday evening in November, well the 19 to be exact I get a call from My sister in law about her mom and that there has been an emergency and that they have air lifted her to a hospital over and hour away and that she didn't really know what was going on. So we made plans for the boys and headed up to the hospital. it seemed to be the longest ride of my life. well before heading there I got a call from my SIL and she said that there is nothing that they can do for her and that she was losing her mother. I was beside myself! What do I say?! SO we went to say good bye. say goodbye to a wonderful women that was one of my mother in laws, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandma. For me the grandma was the hardest one. after a long night and then a long day we picked the boys up from School and has to tell them that one of the grandmas has gone to be with Jesus. It was one of the hardest things I have had to do at as a mother. To tell my boys that they will no longer get to see Grandma Kathy! No longer get to Play with her on Christmas morning, No more Easter Egg hunting out side. So after a long couple weeks of dealing with all the craziness of a very unexpected loss we tried to get back to a some kind of normal.

With Christmas right around the corner we were hanging at the farm with the family and My dad says he wants to talk to us. He go on to say that my Grandpa has to spots on his lungs that they want to test for cancer. Really Cancer! I cant do this, I cant take anymore bad news. But after a few moments of pity I realize that his is not about me and that this is so real. So after a week we find out the results and that in fact he does have cancer.

With all that we had to move in to Christmas! A time we are supposed to enjoy the Love and the Joy of the season. To pick up what is left of my numbness and keep moving forward, Moving forward for my boys, for my family. And even thou it was a nice relaxing Break with my kids it was kind of nice to get our life back to some new kind of normal.

So that is why I an ok with a nice quite evening at home!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Time FLIES!!!!

Must been having fun! I have been looking back over my old blogs and I cant believe how my oldest was so little and how much he has grown. In January He will turn 10! 10!? where has the time gone??? In the ten years as a mother I seen and done stuff I said I was not going to do. Well like everyone else things happen and when your back is against the wall you do what you have to.

We have played Soccer, tried Basketball, Played Baseball, done swim lessons, Went to soccer camp, Went to day-camp and still will be more! Keeps this momma busy! I love it!

Well just another week!

Well after last week this one seems slow. Last week was parents teacher conferences and book fair. Both boys and good conferences. Stuff we have to work on and things that their teachers recommend. I was impressed with how both teachers have gotten to know the boys for who they are. They both are very active boys and their teachers have ideas for each of them to help them in their classroom that might work well for the boys and help them with learning. Now the book fair! Well I was there to help my sister, who is a booster trustee, run the book fair. We spent lots of time at the school and I think it was a pretty darn good book fair! I love to get to see the love of reading that the kids show when they come in and see all the books and they just get so excited and want them all. They can't wait for their parents to come in and see all the books that the love and want to get. As a booster mom I try to help the parent with ideas and help them with the wish lists that the kids made. I for one was able to get a book that my oldest wanted for Christmas. Well he just found it and wants to read it. Dang it I can't keep anything a Secret!  Oh well he still can't have it until Christmas! Rotten kid!  Ok well that about all! Hey if you stop by say hi!!!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Well Just Another Moday....

Well today wasn't to bad for a Monday. As a FM (family Manager) I try to do volunteering at the local schools here. I really believe that the help I can give might help someone else and change the world for them. I love to see the kids and the smiles on their faces when they know who I am and that I am there for them and to help. Well this week is the book fair at my oldest school. This school only has 4th and 5th grades in the building. It was the student preview day and they come down to make their wish lists. Boy did we see it all today. I know that my boys might act up and get crazy. By all means they are not perfect, but the way some of these kids acted today just astounds me.  One little boy told us that "books are over rated!" really!? over rated! so my resounds was that that was his opinion he didn't have to look. But over all it was a good day for me as a Booster mom!

Now for the youngest He had a great day! He is the VIP in his class and well I can say it has kind of gone to his head. But if that keeps him in a good mood and that we don't have any meltdowns, then we are good. His teacher said it was a great day!!!  lets just hope it continues for the rest of the week!

Well Happy Monday!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Getting back at it!!

Well here I sit trying to give this blogging thing a try again. A lot has changed since my last post. and Life has gotten a lot more crazy then before. My boys ( all 3) keep me busy. My oldest is in 4th grade and is really learning to push the limits and of course there are a lot that this momma need to work on. Have some homework of my own to do. My youngest is 6 and in the 1st grade. We work hard at trying to keep him on his schedule so life doesn't get any crazier then it already is.

As it gets colder out and the night come earlier it sometimes seems to make for long days with the kids inside more. I am going to really try to stop and just enjoy every moment. Like this afternoon after church our nieces come home with us for a little bit while their had to run a do some work stuff, but anyways. The kids had gotten out some Dora dominos and wanted to play. So what did it do I just got right down there and played a few games of dominos with the boys and girls. Of course the house needed my attention, but it always does, but just for a few moments I stopped and just gave my undivided attention to those kids. The kids that I see everyday that are growing up way to fast before my eyes! We had so much fun and I was able to teach them a new game. I cant wait for more moments like this. I cant wait any longer or they wont be there!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Neighborly Kindness!

Well we just got hit with another winter storm. I think we have gotten somewhere between 10-12 inches in 24 hours and it is still snowing. With very thing that we have going on here, snow is just one more thing to add on. A few weeks ago My Dad called David to ask him if he would be willing to help as a back up work for the company that my dad works for. He works for an excavating company and they do a ton of snow removal. So David said of course he would, He would love to drive a great big tractor and play in the snow, plus he would be making extra money! So Friday morning my Dad called and asked if David could help out after he got out of work. Well let me remind you that David works second shift (3-11pm), so that meant he would be working very late. Well David not wanting to pass up that opportunity he did. Well he did a ton of snow removing at other places, but we also got a ton of snow in our driveway. So in my little head I was thinking I should help him and go out and at least shovel the end of the drive way so that he didn't have to do it himself after working 18 hours straight. OK I know very well that me being almost 5 months pregnant I should not have been shoveling but I did.

But my real point to this story is how that with everything that is going on in this world. There is still neighborly kindness in my neighbors. After I had done about 15-20 feet myself and come in side to get warm. Here came my neighbor on his tractor with his snow blower to finish the rest and to make it so that David didn't have to do any of the shoveling. I just wanted to share the neighborly kindness we were giving after our first snow storm of 2009!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And So this is Christams!

Well we had a good Christmas to spite all the things that had happened the few days before Christmas. We packed up and went to my parents and had a good time like always. Things went just fine becuase Papa (my dad) called Santa and told him that Carson was going to be at his house this year. We had a great time My sister and her family came over to Papa and Gigi's house on Christmas eve and we ate ( like always) and opened gifts and had a Birthday party for Jesus. We all had a really good time. In my little family we are not going to play Santa up real big, but thats because we want are kids to know what the true meaning of Christmas is. We don't get a ton of gifts for Carson, we only do 5, One big gift from us, one from santa and 3 from the 3 wise men. I love Christmas and the whole giving thing so like always I spent WAY to much again this year on Chirstmas. Oh well I can try better next year. We ended up getting up around 6:45, Carson was not to sure what to do at first. And then he saw it, his new GeoTracks that was all set up ready to be played with. he opened a few more gifts and then we all got ready to move on with are busy day. We started at home (papa and Gigi's this year) then to the Snyder's for a fast Christmas and then to my Aunt and Uncle's for My Family Christmas. We always have lots of good food and tons of fun so we had a pretty good Christmas.

Carson and Maya making a cake for baby Jesus

Carson showing off he new game "Candy Land"

Papa reading "the night befor Christmas" to his grandkids.

Carson and his new geo tracks.

We ended up staying with Mom and Dad for two days and then we stayed with my sister and her family on Friday (thanks sis). Saturday we had someone look at what was wrong with the plumbing and we where able to stay in our house on Saturday evening. We still have a lot more work that needs to be done, but for now we can live in our house.

Heres the Birthday party we had for Jesus!

We hope that you had a Great Christmas and a Very happy new year!